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The Most Technologically Advanced Products in the Industry

Ultraflote's state-of-the-art covers are constructed of the highest-quality materials available, and can be customized by our experienced, talented engineers to make sure they conform to your project's unique needs. We've installed over 15,000 projects at sites around the world, tailored for anything and everything.

Batten and Lapped Aluminum Domes

The Ultradome™ can replace existing fixed roofs or convert existing external floating roof tanks to covered floating roof tanks. We are unique in the industry because we offer two different panel attachment options for your specific requirements. Because of their lightweight materials and construction, these domes provide efficient, cost-effective solutions to protect your product from the elements and reduce the contamination of the environment by your products. Both designs utilize a fully triangulated structure and are assembled from pre-cut, pre-punched parts designed, developed and created in-house. The all-aluminum construction yields a long life with virtually no maintenance costs.

They also feature some unique characteristics, which can be further customized in order to make sure every client receives the dome they need to protect their oil & gas, industrial or municipal products.

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Like the Ultradome™, with which it shares many technological similarities, the Geotruss™ rectangular basin cover supports itself on the tank sidewalls with primary horizontal thrust contained within the structure. Because of its lightweight construction, it places the least amount of stress possible on tank wall loadings. Geotrusses are constructed to protect liquids, tank interiors and microbes from the elements while sealing in odors and preventing evaporation.

Ultraflote is the only company to offer two different types of geodesic domes: a batten and a lapped design. Constructed of corrosion resistant high-strength aluminum, these fixed roofs protect your product from rain, snow, sleet, hail and any other atmospheric or manmade phenomena that can compromise its quality. Aluminum doesn’t burn and doesn’t corrode, and its lightweight construction makes it simple to build and install.

Both our batten and our lapped designs feature fully-triangulated, spherical space frame structures capable of supporting themselves along their peripheries with primary horizontal thrust contained within integral tension rings. However, our engineering experts are capable of customizing the domes to meet the exact needs of your situation, including environment, weather conditions and the product you intend to store.

Ultraflote has completed over 15,000 projects in over 200 countries across the globe. In addition to our range of covers for your industrial, municipal and oil & gas needs, we also provide a full range of support services, including construction, maintenance and inspections, to ensure you get the most out of your product.

Ultraflote is the only company who provides two different methods for attaching panels to beams.

The batten Ultradome™ works best with municipal wastewater tanks, sludge storage or any other situation where odors need to be contained. Raw edges are clamped into place using interlocked batten bars that reduce the risk of disengagement or slipping.

Every batten bar is equipped with our ribbed seals, which consist of two continuous, solid silicone, custom designed, seal strips placed under even compression. This increases the efficacy of the sealing.

For leak prevention and non-pressurized settings, such as potable water and petroleum tanks, a lapped dome “G” is the preferable option. There is no need for rubber sealing strips or caulking compounds with this product. Rather, they lap aluminum panels in a downward direction, which are then fastened with 300-series stainless steel screws attached to weatherguard washers. This system functions in much the same way as the shingle roof of a house, providing protection from the elements by keeping out rain, snow, dirt, hail and other elements.

Each aluminum Ultradome™ product is strong enough to withstand all environmental factors. These structures keep the elements out to ensure the liquids stored in the tank remain uncontaminated and odors and vapors are contained. The strength of our domes saves you time and money, as you do not lose liquid and there is little need for repair throughout the dome’s lifetime.

Ultradomes also provide the following benefits for your industrial, oil & gas or municipal operation:

  • No need to dispose of water contaminated due to leaky seals or drains
  • No standing water reduces the corrosion of steel parts
  • No more pipe drain or hose issues
  • No wind losses
  • Seals are no longer vulnerable to ultraviolet light
  • Zero risk of EFR sinking or collapse because of too much accumulated rain or snow
  • Zero risk of rim fires
  • Integral tension rings prevent additional horizontal stress on the tank shell
  • Lightweight, so existing foundations will not be overwhelmed
  • Easily installed using three different methods
  • Can be installed without taking the tank out of service

The spherical, triangulated spaceframe structure of the Ultradome™ is designed to remain self-supporting along its periphery, using an integral tension ring to contain the primary horizontal thrust. Ultraflote uses only the highest-quality materials available on the market to ensure the safest, strongest results. Our dedicated team of experienced engineers uses the most advanced technology to consistently find ways to improve what’s already an industry-defining product. Both the batten and the lapped permutations of the Ultradome™ provide the following advantages:

Virtually Maintenance-Free
The aluminum used in constructing the Ultradome™ is alloyed to withstand climates in the arid desert, tropical rainforests and everything in between. Its strength and weather resistance, when combined with aluminum’s resistance to corrosion, significantly reduces the chance of damages requiring repairs.

Custom Engineering
We provide every member of our engineering team access to top-of-the-line equipment and software, including CAD, to not only optimize our products, but customize them as well. Every client has different specifications, including government safety codes and what type of liquids and tanks they need serviced, so we make it easy for them to make the necessary changes quickly and effectively. Right now, there are 16 loading combinations in our matrix analysis program to help us better determine the correct solution to your unique circumstances. This can be as easy as the addition of vents or fittings, to tinkering with the aspect ratio to allow for more or less clearance and other design changes big and small.

Easy to install with the following erection methods:

Tripod Erection
Our tripod erection method uses a series of tripods to lift the dome at each tier so that the construction work is always being performed at ground level. The dome can be assembled wherever it needs to be assembled, then raised to the top of the tank using winches or cranes rather than scaffolding. This method ensures a safer, quicker installation process.

With the winch system of installation, the aluminum dome is first constructed at the bottom of the tank, using pre-cut and pre-punched parts crafted in our own facilities. Once this process has been completed, the erection crew utilize a system of winches and pulleys to efficiently hoist it to the top of the shell.

Although the least-effective method of installing a dome, cranes are available as an option in certain situations. However, they are often contingent upon factors such as the weather. For example, winds over 10 mph cause the lightweight aluminum product to sway too much for a safe installation.

In order to get the most out of your Ultradome™, you may want to purchase some accessories that enhance its performance. No matter your industry or product that needs protecting, we’ve got what you need to keep your investments, your employees and your community safe.

The addition of walls can make it easier to raise covers above the top of the tank for more clearance or to increase storage capacity.

Peripheral, screened, hinge, overflow, center and louvered vents are all available in both Ultradome™ models.

Skylights allow natural sunlight into the dome.

Access Hatches
Available in multiple sizes (both rectangular and square) in order to best accommodate the amount of foot traffic you anticipate.

Thief Hatches
No matter the size of the opening, we can affix a thief hatch to it and allow your team to take measurements and samples.

We can construct walkways leading to the dome’s apex as well as around the periphery.