Start-to-Finish Services

From pre-planning to installation and all points in between, Ultraflote provides a wide range of world-class turnkey services for geodesic domes, tank covers and internal floating roofs. Our commitment to offering the highest quality products wouldn't be complete without also offering access to our team of service experts.

Ultraflote's commitment to quality is exemplified in its sales support services. From the very beginning, we work closely with you to decide the most ideal solution for your cover needs, including budgeting, scheduling and completing the project. Customization and construction are all folded into the sales support process.

Updates, Repairs and Inspections

Our expert team provides assistance with maintenance or inspection of covers after an installation. We’ve got the personnel necessary to make any repairs, offer solutions and perform independent assessments before any local, state or federal safety or environmental inspections. Although Ultraflote products are built to last a lifetime, climate and environmental factors – as well as unforeseen disasters – can still lead to problems…problems which we are well-equipped to fix expediently and effectively.

These services are available to all past and current clients.

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All of Ultraflote’s engineers work with the latest construction and design software, including CAD programs, to constantly improve upon and refine our products. We played a significant role in creating the American Petroleum Institute (API) standards for floating roofs and other covers, and contributed to the AWWA aluminum dome standards, but we also believe in exceeding them whenever possible.

Full Customization for Municipal and Industrial Covers

Every point of the design and development process is completed in-house. Our engineers can customize any product we produce to ensure it withstands all the variables in its ultimate destination, including weather and climate, environment and the type of liquid it is intended to protect. No matter the client’s needs – municipal or industrial – we have all the resources necessary to meet, if not surpass, expectations before, during and after the installation process.

And because we believe that only the most cutting-edge technology is acceptable when creating an Ultraflote cover, changes can be implemented and communicated faster than ever before. We meet any challenge you present to us.

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The Best Metals Available – Period.

Quality designs must be constructed of the highest-quality materials. Ultraflote has spent decades nurturing close relationships with mills producing the strongest, safest and most durable aluminum, stainless steel and other resources. We get the best at a reasonable price, and the savings are ultimately reflected in the final price we give to our clients.

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All of Ultraflote’s manufacturing and shipping is arranged in-house to ensure that our products go above and beyond the API standards that we ourselves helped set. Our reach is global, and we owe it to our clients to do everything it takes to get their orders completed to their specifications and sent out in an expedient manner.


Within our facilities, our manufacturers are able to fully translate the custom aluminum cover designs created by our expert engineers into reality. Using only the highest-quality tools and materials on the market, they craft everything to API specifications and ISO 9001 quality standards. All of Ultraflote’s products feature a modular design to optimize fabrication, shipping and construction at the final destination.


Our trucks ship materials domestically on a daily basis, and we use lightweight materials ideal for packing in containers for international shipment. In fact, we have shipped to almost every country in the world. This ensures you receive your order within the agreed-upon timeframe, and with the peace of mind knowing that your Ultraflote Cover is safe and protected during transit – no matter where on the globe it goes.

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Ultraflote can provide full installation services for domestic clients, including supervisors and all necessary equipment and manpower. Every employee involved in the installation process regularly undergoes strict safety training. We also have a full fleet of trucks and trailers at our disposal.

Alternative Construction Options

Because our crews are uniquely trained and experienced in the installation of Ultraflote products, we recommend them for accurate and expedient construction of all tank covers. However, because all the high-technology operations are performed in the shop, the field installation’s design is simple. We also allow the option of using outside construction crews. In some instances, all that a client requires is a comprehensive, easy-to-follow instruction manual.

Our options encompass a wide range of circumstances, from a domestic operation with a complete crew to a remote international locale capable of building and installing covers and domes from a comprehensive guide. Because of their modular designs, Ultraflote products come together quickly and efficiently.

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You can also schedule repairs or inspections of your Ultraflote products with us. Let us know what you need.